Human-Centered Machine Learning Perspectives Workshop.

A one-day workshop will take place on May 4th, 2019 at the ACM CHI 2019 Conference in Glasgow, UK.


Current Machine Learning models have the power to make predictions that are as good as or better than those made by people. The rapid adoption of this technology puts it at the forefront of systems that impact the lives of many, yet the consequences of this adoption are not fully understood. Therefore, work at the intersection of people’s needs and ML systems is more relevant than ever.

This area of work, dubbed Human-Centered Machine Learning (HCML), re-thinks ML research and systems in terms of human goals. HCML gathers an interdisciplinary group of HCI and ML practitioners, each bringing their unique, yet related perspectives. This workshop is an successor to the CHI 2016’s Workshop on Human-Centered Machine Learning, yet participation in that event is not a prerequisite, and new participants are very much welcomed. This event will focus on recent advancements and emerging areas in the rapidly evolving space of HCML. In particular, we are interested in discussing emerging ideas about experiences where people engage with ML in richer ways than merely being a source of labels, teaching to machines, intelligible systems, explainable decisions, and algorithmic fairness. Through these discussions we aim to articulate a coordinated HCML research agenda for the XXI century.

How to Participate

We invite the submission of positions papers between 3-6 pages long. Position papers should follow the CHI Extended Abstract format and be submitted through our CMT submission site.